Hotels- Best Hotels Portland Maine
Hotels- Best Hotels Portland Maine

Hotels- Best Hotels Portland Maine

Maine Is A Beautiful State

Maine is one of the most beautiful states!  My family and I moved here about 12 years ago and are still blown away by its natural beauty.  As an uber driver, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the state and see a lot of the things that make it an attractive place to come and visit.

Common Questions

Some of the things that I often get asked are:  “Could you recommend a good place to eat?” Or  “What’s one thing that we need to do while we are in town?” or “What’s your wildest story while driving uber?”  Well, that last question would take a while to answer so we’ll save that for another day.  🙂

 A Little Help Please?

Visitors to Portland have a lot of questions about the area but there is a question that they never ask me when they get in my car:  The question:  Where is a good place to stay?  Due to the lockdowns of last year, we’ve seen a lot of tourist action this year.  This has caused the prices of hotels to go up exponentially.  I did get the question “are there any cheap hotels in Portland Maine?  Sorry…not really. You’d be lucky to find anything under $300 this year (2021).

Don’t even get me started on the Boutique Hotels Portland Maine has to offer (You can find information on those closest to the bottom of this page).  Cheap hotels in Portland Maine are difficult to find and because of this I like to warn people:  If you are going to come, book your hotel sooner than later because chances are things won’t get much cheaper than what you are finding them to be.

Then I thought “People come to this state and they have to rely mostly on reviews of people that don’t live here.  What if they got travel info from someone who does?  Would that be helpful?”  I think so!

So I decided to write and blog about it.  So in this short blog, I will point you to some hotels and in subsequent blogs some restaurants, and some sites that you should visit while here in this great state of Maine. Enjoy your time and don’t forget to have some Lobstah!  Check out the video below.



Some Recommended Hotels

Now I use the term “The Best hotels in Portland Maine” but that is not actually accurate.  More accurate would be -Hotels that have good ratings all around and meet the needs of visitors in an above-average way.

So with that said: here are 4 Hotels in Portland Maine with at least 4 out of 5-star Customer Ratings.  These hotels are in no particular order or rank, to make it simple I’ve grouped them together and the ones listed all have the following amenities:

Free Wifi
Free Breakfast
Pet Friendly


4 Hotels with Above Average Customer Ratings

(Updated 8-31-21)

Embassy Suites by Hilton- Portland Maine
Homewood Suites by Hilton Portland Maine
 Hampton Inn- Portland Airport
 Home2  Suites- by Hilton Portland Airport
VRBO is another option and you can search at the bottom of this page.


Boutique Hotels

If you are looking for hotels that are more unique than the boutique hotels Portland Maine has to offer may be what you are looking for.  They are all “top-notch” and sometimes difficult to get into.  Here are a few for your consideration:


The Francis

Pomegranate Inn

The Press Hotel (Marriot- but very Unique)


A Few Things To Know

  • The Portland airport is usually not busy so no worries getting in and out.  Once you hit the ground you will get a sense of the chill vibe that Maine has to offer.
  • If you plan on using UBER or LYFT, (You could use a taxi but who does that any more? lol) know that it may be a good idea to schedule one in advance as the Pandemic has reduced the number of available drivers in the area.  (From experience this feature works better on LYFT).
  • You’ll find Portland to be very accessible and charming.  The seaport has a wonderful summer vibe and you will find tons of people enjoying the many restaurants it has to offer.
  • A little Fun Fact for ya:  Maine is the safest state in the United States!


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