Drinks in Portland Maine
Drinks in Portland Maine

Drinks in Portland Maine

Pubs and Breweries

Portland Maine is home to many microbreweries.  If you like to experience new pubs, breweries, and places to drink then take a look at the list that I’ve put together for you.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the atmosphere and experiences that the breweries in Portland Maine have to offer.  Therefore feel good about any of the choices that you make from the list below.


1) The Lincoln

I was driving Uber the other day and I met a young couple who was visiting the area.  We got to talking about some places that they really enjoyed and they recommended that I share a place with my readers.   The place?  Lincolns bar.  It’s a speakeasy bar that gives you a great atmosphere with very reasonably priced drinks.

Here’s a Tripadvisor Review Page


2) Bissell Brothers

One day I got a phone call from a friend who lives in Michigan and he asked me if I had ever heard of a microbrewery called Bissel Brothers.  I said, “no I haven’t.”  He told me it was a brewery that I had to visit!

I live south of Portland (about 40 minutes), so one day I made the trek up to Bissel Brothers and my friend was right…  It was amazing!  Since I was thrilled with my drink experience I decided to load up; I purchased two cases for him and a case for me!

When you come to Portland Maine, put it on your bucket list to stop in and have a drink, I  highly recommend it!  You can navigate to their website here to check store hours and availability.


3) Maine Beer Company

This company was also started by two brothers.  At first, they just wanted to make beer that they liked then things took off from there.  They made one brew over and over and over until it was perfected.  It was called … “Peeper”.
They started in their garage prior to 2009 and now look at them!
Their motto is “Do What’s Right”- They make quality beer and focus on treating the planet’s resources right.  I think we can all get behind that.  Check out the rest of their story and products here.




Places to Stay

There are plenty of places to stay; if you are still unsure, be sure to check out the home page with information on some good hotels in the area.

Other Stuff

Below are 3 links that you will find very helpful.

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